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My Voting Adventure  
12:20pm 04/11/2008
Darryl Mott Jr
My trials and tribulations trying to cast my vote.

I went to the County Commissioner's website to find out where to vote. It said "Briar Oaks Apartments". I think that's weird, but I start figuring out how to get there from work on the bus. I end up on the 328 route, which is the one recommended. I end up about 3/4 of a mile from the damn apartment complex, then another 1/4 of a mile INSIDE the apartment complex. On foot in the 15 minutes of rain we're going to get all day.

Except the only guide I had that I was in the right place was all the campaign signs out front. Apparently, the Briar Oaks Apartments became the Mission Apartment Homes and no one bothered telling anyone. The only sign this change had happened was the fucking 8" x 10" sign obscured by all the campaign signs saying formerly briar oaks.

So I get to the poling place and see a couple of people in lawn chairs with coolers holding signs saying "Vote YES on Prop 2!" I stop to catch my breath (yeah yeah, I'm a fatty) and mutter "Think they could've picked a MORE inconvenient place?"

Guy turns to me and says, "No shit, they tried to tell us we were trespassing and kick us out."

I looked at where they were and where the entrance to the polling place was. "You're more than a hundred feet away."

"They said we were on private property and threatened to call the cops."

I started laughing at that notion since the second they decided to have the NATIONAL ELECTION POLING PLACE there, it ceased to be private property as denying anyone access would be disenfranchising them and highly actionable.

So they tried to tell me about Prop 2 and I said it was already on my voting cheat sheet already. So I went inside.

The place was like 200 square feet. And sweltering hot between body heat and the heat from the electronic voting machines. I stood in one line for exactly three seconds and signed off, then stood in another line for fifteen minutes to get my "secret code" to put in the voting machine. It would've been maybe three minutes except apparently two thirds of Austin has never used a computer before in their lives. And I'm talking 20-somethings here, not old people.

I get to my machine and start voting. Obama, Noriega, Doggett, yes on Prop 1, 2, and AISD Prop 1, etc. etc. Yes, I voted for the 80-something year old fart for Sheriff because he said he was going to ban tasers, reduce possession of less than 2 oz of pot to a Class C misdemeanor (fine only no jailtime) and get ICE out of the county jail. He's not going to win, but I like the old bastard for having balls. Voted for mostly democrats, a few republicans, a couple of libertarians. I tried to take a pic of my summary, but the bastards banned cell phones from the polling location.

I finalize my vote, get my sticker, and head out. I ask one of the other guys with a "Yes on Prop 2!" signs if he knew a shortcut out of here, and he says Parker Ln is just on the other side. I get up there and start cursing. There was a mother fucking bus stop five fucking feet from the apartment complex!! Motherfucking assholes didn't bother saying that the number seven route -- a major route -- was right outside the complex.

However, all that stress was worth it. Because I got to participate in history. I got to cast my vote for the first major-party candidate that isn't white. I also got to cast my first vote for a major-party candidate. In 2000, I voted for Nader. In 2004, I voted for...whoever the Green Party candidate was. In the 2006 gubernatorial elections, I voted for Kinky Friedman. I've always voted for the candidate I supported the most in any major election because I live in Texas and I'm not a conservative, therefore I'm generally throwing my vote away anyway. So I voted for the candidate I supported the most no matter what party.

This year, I voted for a major party candidate who I agreed with the most out of all the candidates. And I got to make history.

My "I Voted" sticker has a place of pride on my monitor so I can look at it all the time.
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you wasted your vote... shoulda been voting for THIS guy!
07:31pm 04/11/2008 (UTC)
100% Vitamin Awesome!
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ps... yay Team DEMOCRACY!
07:32pm 04/11/2008 (UTC)
100% Vitamin Awesome!
I voted last week.
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