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Frame of reference...frame of reference...frame of *head explodes*  
03:31pm 03/01/2011
Darryl Mott Jr
I'm trying to learn physics. I thought I had a good grasp on this relativity thing. Time moves slower the faster you go, you can approach but not exceed the speed of light because your mass increases, and all that stuff. You know, the crap your teachers in high school tell you to shut you up when you ask questions they don't know the answers to. So I started watching these lectures online about physics.

I was completely fine and following everything along perfectly until the guy started using the phrase "frame of reference". So we all know time goes slower the faster we go because of relativity. They've proven this by taking two atomic clocks perfectly synchronized, leaving one on the ground and putting another in a supersonic plane and flying it around the planet a time or three, then checking the times and finding the one flying around was a few millionths of a second off.  Except it doesn't work that way because, from the frame of reference of the plane, it is at rest and the other clock is the one moving around.  So therefore, time is going slower on the clock on the ground compared to the clock on the plane. 

Aaaaand this is where I'm lost because I KNOW they did this experiment!  I read about it several years ago and the clock on the plane experienced "less time" than the one on the ground.  But if both frames of reference are equally valid (which I've now learned is what relativity is, not the other shit I thought it was), how the fuck did that happen?!

I'm seriously considering just buying a pair of glasses to make myself look smarter rather than actually trying to become smarter...seems much less of a hassle...
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